The betrayal of faith..

It spreads inside me
The betrayal of faith.

It taints my rainbow on a beautiful day

Stealing my words as I am about to pray

Tarnishing my belief with vile truth

I weaken and question all this gloom..

Rage and pain come to visit,

Tears and sorrow, not too distant.

Feeling  defeated, but only for a moment

I banish them as I move forth

No matter how many times my faith lays tormented and broken

I begin with trust,  anew

Going through the rituals with a happy heart and,

Starting right at the top, is the only way I know

That is how I survive, as I wait for tomorrow!



I wake up with a bundle of unspoken words everyday

Fragments that I ache to string together

In the hope of a cohesive meaning that might make it all clearer

I wonder, weren’t they my thoughts yesterday

Right before the darkness cradled me

A darkness so beautiful, where everything is crystal

Any anguish, rush, prejudices lay relinquished

It engulfed me so deep, yet released me,

To wake up with a bundle of unspoken words yet again..

A part of me..

I know not where I go, nor do I know where I stand

At the very end, or just in a clamp.

From where I see things, they seem hazy

I wanna move from here

To a place that makes me forget of this rush in which I should be

Part of me believes in the ticking, and a part of me denies

In the hunt of my version of love, all logic has dissolved

But it remains, for a cynic to see and whip up

Why must I feel this way,

This need for something that very few have

Why can’t I be content with what the rest have settled for

Part of me convinced, and a part of me yearns

Why didn’t life unwrap in the pattern I had designed

A design so carefully crafted, that it shattered much more than the aesthetics of my life, leaving..

Part of me relieved, and a part of me scared

Cos I have not a plan, nor do I have an inspiration to begin

With my rose-tinted glasses, yet I continue the chase

Part of me hopeless, and a part of me sure

Will this ever end, I ask myself over and over again

Will I ever reach where it is that I yearn to be

Or will I while away in vain

And, if I do get there will it finally be over

Part of me wants to know, and a part of me…