A Friday..

It was a Friday morning. 
One where he still had plans for the hours to come,
While I ensured I had none. 
Beginning with the customary doses of caffeine, 
We caught up with each other’s past week.

Once the formalities faded,
The laughter increased.
Time entered another zone,
But that we would have not known.

Marley continued to make our day interesting, 
We argued stereotypes and norms,
Both agreeing to disagree with our calls.

Glasses replaced mugs..
Making the conversations more intense.
The clinking frequent, 
And the proximity increasingly less.

We put sobriety to test.
Each failing with zest!
Decided we were a lost cause, 
We put on our party hats. 

We embraced our stupor
Giving way to some more hysteria
He called me the ‘Queen of Hats’
And I granted him Knighthood in my land.

The music changed its notes;
Pushing us to improvise our moves!
We went from swing to slow 
My head on his shoulders with my eyes closed,
…. I look back and wonder, where did the world go..


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