A sharp turn..

It takes a lot of out of you – life. Everyone goes through a phase of emptiness and despair that puts you in a seemingly dark place. You are running and walking at the same time. Your eyes are open but you are seeing with your hands, as you hold on to anything for support. You don’t want to fall and this cannot be the end. Cannot be the place where your life on auto pilot took a sharp turn leaving you gasping. You are praying to be able to just get through this chapter of your life and make it to the other end of the tunnel, where the proverbial light exists. Desperately looking for celestial signs in mundane things. Could it be this, that would turn my life around? Will it turn out like any number of films that are made where the protagonist emerges the winner, shining like an angel from the deepest dungeons of darkness.. Been there or are you there now? Wave at me, I could use your company right now.